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Méntrida – Garnacha and more, Ferran Centelles, JANCIS ROBINSON


“…In my tasting, Garnacha performed better than the rest of international varieties. However,
Syrah seems to be achieving good results. Canopy’s Malpaso, Alonso Cuesta’s Valprimero
and Arrayán’s Syrah are all examples of remarkable Méntrida Syrah wines.

As for the whites, the Arrayán Albillo Real was the best. What an authentic wine! It deserves
each of the 17.5 points it has and, honestly, it is a bargain, a hidden gem within the region.
Maite Sánchez, the talented young winemaker behind it, explained: ‘Albillo almost disappeared,
so it is with great respect and pride that we are recuperating it.’…

…I would also to like to draw your attention to La Viña Escondida (17/20) and La Suerte de
Arrayán (18/20), as they are two extremely soft and delicate Garnachas that you should not

Jancis Robinson, Ferran Centelles, junio 19 Méntrida-garnacha-and-more