La Verdosa

La Verdosa

The vineyard was planted in 1999, at the northwestern end of the estate, at an altitude of between 470 and 510 metres above sea level.

The 26-hectare vineyard contains a number of varieties: Shiraz (13.25 hectares), Merlot (4.76 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (4.1 ha) and Petit Verdot (2.57 ha). Vine density is 3,968 plants/hectare, which is unusually high for Spain; the vines are planted in pairs in a 2.8 x 1.6 metre grid to force deep rooting.

The soil is alluvial, from the erosion of the granite massifs in Spain’s central plateau, and is basically sandy loam in the gullies, with an acid pH and a high silicate content.

The continental-Mediterranean climate is characterised by extreme temperature variations, from harsh winters to hot summers. The risk of frost is minimal during the growing season.

No chemical herbicides or fertilisers are used, while manure is applied as a soil improver.

Bodegas Arrayán was certified as an organic vineyard in June 2016.

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