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La Verdosa is located in the northwestern part of Toledo province, in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Retamar.The landscape is dotted with trees, mainly century-old holm oaks, with abundant rosemary, thyme, rock rose and lavender undergrowth. Local fauna includes deer, wild boar, hare, partridge and several species of birds of prey.

The rolling landscape of the estate is bounded on the north by the Alberche river. Because the estate has not been grazed for centuries, it retains the authentic features of Mediterranean open woodland.

To the north, on the other side of the Alberche river, lies the village of Almorox, where the Albillo Real vineyard is located. Moving westwards, along the Gredos foothills, one comes to El Real de San Vicente, where the Garnacha grapes for our La Suerte de Arrayán are grown.

Moving into the province of Ávila, in the Cebreros hills, lie the other Garnacha vineyards, which provide the grapes for our Garnacha de Arrayán.

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